About The Super Snorkel: Frequently Asked Questions

Would this mask work better than classic snorkel goggles that hurt the bridge of my nose?

 For sure! The design doesn't have anything pressing hard up against the bridge of your nose.

How does sizing work? Trying to figure out if I need a small or large? 

Generally speaking, large is or most adults and small is for most children. With the adjustable straps, you are able to make a snug fit. Check out the sizing diagram on the product page. 

How does the super snorkel work?

Works just like a regular snorkel just with much better viability and comfort. 

I am planning on bringing the Super Snorkel on vacation with us. How easy is it to transport?

Won't be an issue at all. I fit it easily into my carry-on luggage with all the usual necessities. While it is bigger than your typical snorkel, it doesn't take up much more space and is totally worth it.

If you go underwater more than the depth of the snorkel can you blow the water out?

Yes, lift your head and blow the water out

Is this mask usable with eyeglasses? No. You'll need contact lenses. The mask needs to form a seal around your face, and glasses would prevent that. Will the Go pro hero 5 work with this mask? Absolutely - Enjoy!

Does the snorkel filter out water? While you are fully submerged? The snorkel tube will block the water from coming in through the top when fully submerged