The SuperSnorkel Full face Snorkeling Mask

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    1. EASY BREATHING: Full face mask allows you to breathe through either your nose or mouth while snorkeling, eliminating the discomfort of a mouthpiece. Our reverse-flow technology keeps water out and prevents you from getting a mouthful. Especially good for nervous or inexperienced men, women, and youth.
    2. SEE MORE WILDLIFE: Seamless contoured lens (non-obstructed view) allows you to enjoy the water and wildlife with a panoramic 180-degree view. Shatter-proof polycarbonate lens. The best dry snorkel set to go with your vest and fins.
    3. NO FOGGING OR FILLING UP: Our fog-resistant design pushes air away from your face, leaving you with a clear view of the wildlife. The silicone edging seals water out, and the one-way drain technology pulls any extra water away when tilted.
    4. MORE COMFORT, LESS ADJUSTMENT: Don’t struggle to enjoy your snorkeling experience - soft, adjustable straps make it quick and easy to get the fit and comfort just right. Even works with facial hair!
    5. High-Density shatterproof lens, equipped with the longest tube available on the market. Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.